When it comes to ordering and installing industrial control panels for your new building, there are many safety precautions and regulations that you need to take into consideration.  Some of these are related to the installation, while others are related to the functioning of the control panel after it is installed, and making sure it meets UL508A industrial control panel parameters.  If this all sounds confusing, and something you know nothing about, don’t worry: a certified UL508A panel shop will be able to account for all of this and you will have your electricity up and running in no time.


You are dealing with power and electricity when it comes to installing UL508A control panels, and that is a dangerous combination.  There is inherent risk in this job both for the installer during the time of installation, as well as for other people after the installation if it is done incorrectly and something malfunctions.  For both of these reasons, it is critical to have safety at top of mind for this job, and employees of a certified UL508A panel shop will have just that.

Cover All Requirements

There are a lot of regulations and requirements which must be met in the installation and wiring of an industrial control panel. And while all legally sold panels meet UL508A standards, the installation must meet certain standards as well.  Having a certified professional in to do the job, means you are getting someone who is aware of all of these regulations and will make sure they are met. This includes environmental ratings, wiring and motor protection, safety markings and conforming to the national electric code.

Ensure Functionality

Chances are, without adequate, functioning power, you won’t be running a business very long! When you have your UL508A industrial control panel installed by certified experts, you don’t have to worry that there will be functional issues with your system due to improper installation, improper electrical wiring, or faulty products.  Certified professionals know how to test for all of these things before, during and after installation, and know how to troubleshoot along the way should something go awry.


While you may think it is expensive to hire a professional and think it would be cheaper to do it yourself, in the long-term, you likely won’t save any money.  Whenever something goes wrong later and you need to have a certified installer in for repair, or you end up having an inspector come in who makes you shut down your business due to improper installation, for most people, something goes awry when they try to cut corners and save costs.  Spend the money now and it will save you big time in the end.

With the health and safety of you and your employees at stake, as well as the functioning and well being of your business on the line, you can see that for many reasons, it pays to have an installer from a certified panel shop install your control panels.