The 5-Gallon Bucket Stand Up Fixed Lid Press with Conveyor from Xpect Solutions is designed to replace the brutally hard process of manually hammering on lids. This lidding machine reduces the cost of pressing lids but does not reduce the quality of the work.

The 5-gallon bucket adjustable lid pressing machine generates over 3,400 lbs. of vertical force when pressing the lid onto the bucket. Our lid-closing machine accommodates 1 to 7-gallon buckets. Ergonomic dual safety palm buttons trigger the bucket closure cycle.

This press is equipped with a specially designed supported roller conveyor that can support buckets with a weight of up to 300 lbs. per bucket.

Options include:


    • STEEL I-Beam Welded Construction — Powder Coat Finish
    • 22.5 Wide Supported Roller Conveyor
    • Bucket Positioning Bracket
    • 8” Bore Press Cylinder
    • Adjustable for Pails 3.5-Gallon up to 6-Gallon
    • Cycle Time of Less Than 3 Seconds per Pail Closure
    • 80 PSI Clean and Dry Air — No Electricity Required