Now that you have had your enclosed industrial control panel installed in Denver, it is important that you maintain it.  Regular maintenance will ensure not only that it can run efficiently and perform its job, but will also save you money from costly repairs down the line caused by negligence and low maintenance standards.  The good news? There are some basic maintenance routines you can adopt that will ensure your product stays working at its best.

Dust Control

Despite the fact that it is small, or even microscopic, dust, and small air fibers can wreak havoc on your enclosed panel.  This is especially the case when you do not carry out regular cleaning of your panel and the dust is left to build up in the enclosed space over a long period of time.  Combine that with weather such as high levels of humidity, and you may, unfortunately, be at risk for problems and damage to your panel. Avoid all of this by regularly cleaning the interior and exterior of your panel, not to mention be sure to entertain regular panel checks, especially when the weather is particularly hot, humid or cold.

Pest Control

Enclosed control panels are warm, small spaces, making them the perfect place for pests to live.  This could be something as small as bugs, spiders, and other creepy crawlies, or something more invasive such as rodents.  Regular inspection of your control panel should keep most problems at bay, but if you seem to have recurring problems—especially in the mouse or rat department—it is a good idea to set a trap to eliminate them and to deter further unwanted guests!


Having insurance for your building is an important part of proper business practices, but more than that is understanding what your insurance offers and what it covers.  It is important to ensure your building insurance covers accidents or incidents related to electricity malfunctions, and specifically if this accident is initiated in the control panel.  Some insurance policies have stipulations surrounding these coverages and educating yourself on these and what they require is an important safety and business initiative and a critical component of your annual maintenance.

Professional Check

While there are lots of important things for you to consider that you can carry out yourself when it comes to maintenance, you can’t avoid the need for regular professional checks of your control panel.  Every year, arrange to have a certified professional come in and inspect your panel. He or she will be able to pick up on faulty wiring, problems within the system that are occurring or may soon occur, and any issues that have arisen from continued use and overall wear and tear. In addition, a professional can perform a series of tests to ensure the system is working optimally and efficiently.  

With a few good maintenance habits, (and a few good mouse traps!), you can ensure you maintain the longevity and functionality of your enclosed industrial control panel for many years to come.