If you are a newcomer to your industry, business or a particular line of work, you may not necessarily be familiar with all of the specifics.  In particular, you may be wondering whether or not your Denver business needs UL508A industrial control panels. Here are some examples of industries that use these panels.  If yours is on the list, make arrangements to get your panel installed!

Food Processing

If you are running a food processing plant, producing, packaging or manufacturing food, you will need to have a control panel installed to help in running all of the machinery and equipment within your facility.

2. Plastics Extrusion

The business of plastics is very energy dependent and requires a lot of electricity to carry out successfully.  In order to facilitate this, your Denver business will require a safety-approved UL508A control panel.

3. Data Acquisition

For companies and industries running systems which collect data – especially that via PLC (Products with built-in Programmable Logic Controllers)—control panels are essential to ensure the consistent and smooth collection of data.  Proper selection of your panel ensures there are no disruptions to electricity, which could hinder the data collection process.

4. Solar Panels

If you are trying to go greener, save the earth and fight climate change, you will need a control panel. Solar panels may get energy from the sun, but much of that energy conversion needs an industry approved UL508A control panel to help facilitate the process.

5. Hydraulic/Pneumatic Control System

While hydraulic movement is convenient and efficient, it’s only as effective as the control panel that runs it.  Make sure you have a professionally installed UL508A control panel in your Denver business to maintain the functionality of your hydraulic or pneumatic system.

6. Industrial Machinery Control Panel

As mentioned above, not only do you need a control panel to ensure you are able to run each of your machines and equipment pieces individually, but also so that you can integrate them together.  In this case, you need the industrial control panel to run your machinery control panel.

7. Machine Safety

From an emergency shut off to initiating emergency systems, machine safety is of paramount importance in the workplace.  With that in mind, to ensure you maintain proper safety standards, invest in a control panel, and then make sure you hire a professional to have it properly installed.  It boosts business and gives you a good state of mind when it comes to the health and safety of your employees.

8. Power Generation

While your control panel may function in accurately dispersing power, it is also necessary in businesses that generate power.  Having it work in concert between these two is the ideal situation and allows for optimal product efficiency.

If you see your industry on this list, it’s time to set up for our industrial control panel installation.  Sign up with one of our Denver professionals and you can be sure your installation will meet UL508A standards, as well as be completed timely and efficiently, with quick response time and guaranteed satisfaction.