Any paint store owner is likely to know the pains of sealing cans. The process starts with customers finding the right color for the room. Next comes mixing the paint to the specifications of the color card they selected.

This process is followed by the purchase, which is rarely cheap, so you’ll want to deliver the best product to your customers. Once the paint is mixed and purchased, it must be sealed properly and securely.

Your customers are paying top dollar for your high-quality paint, so you want to ensure they can get it home and store it without spills or messes. This means it will be ready and easily accessible when the time comes for them to use the paint at home and they will remain happy with the quality of your product. Here are some things you can do to keep your customers happy.

  1. Mark – Before they can put the paint can away it is important to mark it so that it will not get lost in the other cans in storage. The top is the best place for these labels. Simply drop a drip of the color on the top. Once this is done, use a permanent marker to write the color or apply a label to the top of the can with all the details a customer will need.
  2. Seal – Business owners should be sure to wipe the paint clear off the top of the can to ensure that the can will be appropriately closed and sealed. Once this is done, place the lid back on the can and place it into the press machine. It is important that your paint is sealed with an appropriate lid press machine, so your Denver clients are happy every time. This is the only way to ensure the can is sealed and secure. It is also the only way to be sure that the paint will not dry out and become unusable while in storage.
  3. Store well – Finally, once you have ensured that the paint is well sealed, it is time to educate your customers on the best way to store their paint when it’s not in us. There are a few aspects that play into this. First, the space should be completely dry in order to prevent the cans from rusting. This would likely be on a shelf or a completely concrete floor. Next, it is important that the paint be stored in a cool area, but not an area that gets cool enough for the paint to freeze. Finally, it is important to make sure the paint is completely away from direct sunlight or heat sources.


Paint can be expensive and your clients want the best, so take care to mix, seal, and educate properly for the best results.