It can be difficult to find a color of paint that best suits an art piece or room when there are a limited amount of colors available on the market. One way to combat this is by mixing your own paint. Many artists decide to create their own paint to suit their needs as it results in all colors fitting their vision and makes the work that much more personal. Any person can do this with the right tools.


Many craft stores and hardware stores sell dry pigment, making it easier for people to craft their own paint. These pigments are relatively cheap and can be bought in bulk so they last a long time. The most pigments necessary to create any conceivable color are red, blue and yellow. The only other pigments that will need to be bought are white and black. Finding the right color using only these five pigments might take a long time, but there is no limit to own many tries you get and writing down measurements to get it right next time is easy.

Paint base

Whatever type of paint that is wanted, the base will need to be purchased. Buying acrylic is easy and cheap for artists, however, oil-based paints can be a little more difficult to find if the goal is to create house paint. Most of these types of paint bases can be purchased at a hardware store, however, if the type of paint is more elusive, a paint store might sell it. If worst comes to worst most paint bases can be found on the internet.


These new paints will need to be mixed by hand. There is no need to buy a fancy mixing machine as that makes the mixing process much less personalized and the paints can’t be edited gently as the mixing progresses like with hand mixing. When the paint is mixed and the color is just right there needs to be a sealed container for it to go in. This container should be sealed to any air. The best way to ensure that no air gets in, ruining the paint, is by using a lid press machine. A lid press machine is used to seal a container to keep air out and the contents fresh.

Making your own paint is incredibly cheap and simple, it is no wonder that most artists prefer to create their own custom colors rather than relying on a shop. Getting started is a safe and user-friendly and even very inexpensive. There is nothing stopping any artist or homeowner from taking their own color fantasy and making it a reality.