Working in an industrial complex often comes with various safety hazards. The necessary precautions that one of these businesses need to take in order to ensure the safety of workers may look different depending on the complex. One of these precautions is the type of system that the company chooses to go with. These systems can be either enclosed or open, and the better option may look different for each industry.

What is a Control Panel?

This device is what keeps the power on in a massive industrial facility. This is also what will turn the power off in the event of a massive emergency. Most machinery has an emergency off switch that can be pressed if something goes wrong, but if something massive happens that requires power to the entire facility to be turned off, then only one of these devices can do it. Find out where it is in your workplace in case something goes wrong.

What Is Included?

No matter the type or brand of the device the industry chooses to go with, the makeup will likely include the same components including:

  • Disconnect means
  • Switches
  • Motor
  • Auxiliary devices
  • Relays
  • Motor branch-circuit protective devices

Open Panels

This kind of device includes the internal wiring, the field wiring, and any other components necessary. All of this will be mounted on a sub. However, they will not have any kind of enclosure. Instead, all of this will be exposed. Despite the fact that this system is out in the open, it is crucial that everyone in the building be aware of where it is in case there is ever a need for immediate shut off. The placement of the device should be well-marked with signage.

Enclosed Panels

Many workplaces in Denver should have an enclosed industrial control panel. This is simply a safer option for many of the common industries seen in the city. These include everything that is included in an open device, but also includes an enclosure. This is simply something to cover all of the inside aspects of the system from any outside components. This will be mounted to the enclosure wall or cover so that it is less out in the open. It is important to note that, like the open option, everyone who works in the building should be made aware of where this is. It is a little more crucial in this situation to direct people with signage, as the system is less evident to the naked eye.

Any industrial building requires some form of these devices in order for the building to function properly. The type of system the company chooses to go with it completely up to the discretion of the building owner depending on the type of building and service being conducted.