Every industrial building requires a device to process all circuits and electrical systems in the building.  There is simply no way around this fact. However, the type and size of the device may differ depending on the type of building. No matter the size of your building or the number of circuits that your system will need to direct when you install UL508A industrial control panels for your Denver warehouse or business premises, it is important that you are well-aware of the look and use of each part of the machinery.

  • Pump – this aspect of the device will monitor the flow and the level of variables in order to maintain the desired levels of output for the device. These are typically large rectangular devices found in the system.  
  • Fuse – This part of the device is an electrical safety device. It is designed to provide protection in the case of an overcurrent. It is a metal wire that melts when too much current is present, which will then interrupt the current and prevent any further damage. Once this is triggered, the fuse must be replaced.
  • Circuit Breaker – Like a fuse, this is a large switch found in the device. It is designed to protect the electrical circuit from damages by stopping any excess current. This excess current would occur from an overloaded or short circuit. The circuit breaker will interrupt this current flow as soon and any damage or fault is detected.  However, unlike a fuse, this device can be used multiple times.
  • Wiring – Like most electric devices, a control panel requires a significant amount of wiring connection. This is usually done by wires covered by a color-coordinated rubber cover. These many wires will connect all of the devices to the proper outlets and circuits in order to ensure the device works properly.
  • Switches- Every device requires a significant number of switches, each designed, and likely labeled, for their individual function. Every switch is connected to an essential outlet of the device and causes this individual outlet to turn either off or on depending on the desired function. These play an essential role in the safety of the device, as they can determine whether or not electricity is being sent to a certain area of the building or industry. This means, if someone wants to work in on electrical circuits in a certain room of the building, the switch to that room would need to be switched off to prevent the risk of electrocution.


If you are the owner of an industrial building, you will likely have to work with one of these devices at some time. With this in mind, it is extremely important that you understand the many parts of these systems so that you decrease the risk of injury for both yourself and those around you.