Troubleshooting electric system problems

After installing a UL508A industrial control panels in Denver, it is likely the installation expert will be able to answer any questions or concerns that might come up with the system. When problems arise after the installation, it can be tempting to fix the problem quickly as many industries that use industrial control panels are fast-paced environments. There are some minor problems that can be fixed with simple solutions. However, if the problem seems too complicated to be fixed by someone in-house, be sure to contact the shop that installed the system.

Gather tools and documentation

Before making any changes to the system, be sure to collect the proper tools. An electrical multimeter, wire cutters, screwdrivers, strippers, connectors, and electrical tape will all likely be needed if there are any problems with the wiring or assembly. Also find the documentation that was delivered with the system, which will likely have helpful schematic drawings along with installation and operating instructions, which can be useful for identifying potential issues with the system.

Determine the problem

In many cases, the problem with the system might not be clear-cut. Is the entire system not working, or only a part of it? Additionally, is the power causing problems, or are there problems with the system? Before doing anything, try shutting off the power source to the system and turning it back on. If that doesn’t work, break down the individual components of the system, and examine the components that have to do with the problem for any issues. This will lead to any potential solution.

Check the wiring

If there are no clear problems, check on the wiring of each individual circuit and power component to see if anything looks unusual. If someone with electrical training is able to fix the problem, use the tools and documentation to address it. However, if there is any uncertainty about how to resolve the issue, contact the industrial control panel shop in Denver that installed the system to have an expert examine it.

Double check

If the problem has been addressed, check to ensure the portion of the system fixed works correctly and the system as a whole work as well. Make sure nothing else was damaged in the process of fixing the system, which can mean testing surrounding components. If the problem has still not been fixed, reach out to an expert, as system issues can result in a loss of both time and money in the long run.