Are you wondering whether your business could benefit from an enclosed industrial control panel in Denver? Panels can cover a wide range of industrial applications, from the control of heaters and motors to lighting and pump loads. They make running your business easier and safer by integrating automation into your operating practices.

From plastics extrusion and data acquisition to power generation and oil production, these complete solutions can be tailored to the requirements of a vast amount of different industries. Here are a few examples of some industries that are best suited for this type of innovation.

Solar Industry

Once focused on the oil and gas industries, control panels have expanded to the future through the solar industry. While panels absorb energy from the sun in order to power buildings and machinery, this energy conversion relies on an enclosed industrial control panel in order to facilitate the process.

Food Processing

Are you packaging the next best thing in potato chips, or bottling a delicious fizzy drink that’s going to be in everybody’s hand? Whether you handle processing, producing, packaging or manufacturing, you need a reliable system that will be able to keep all of your machinery and equipment running smoothly.

Data Acquisition

Big data is a major buzzword in the modern age, but many customers don’t think of the kind of power it takes to collect data. Control panels ensure a smooth, reliable current of electricity, meaning that you won’t be dealing with any glitches that could disrupt your data collection process.

Industrial Machinery

Do you have the capability of running each of your machines individually, together as a unit and then in matched partners? Control systems make this possible, making it easy to both test and operate machines and equipment. With so many pieces on the same panel, you’ll also be assured that you’ll have enough power to handle them all at once.

Marijuana Industry

Growing cannabis is possible with enclosed industrial control panels in Denver. As marijuana continues to become legalized throughout the country, automation is completely changing the way that the plant is grown.

Machine Safety

When it comes to keeping employees safe in the workplace, machine safety is crucial. Investing in a control panel will help facilitate processes such as emergency shut-off, initiating emergency systems, locking mechanisms and more.