With revenue in the hundreds of millions each month, Colorado’s legal cannabis industry has enjoyed a steady pace. As other states across the country continue to legalize marijuana, the industry – and demands for cannabis products – is only going to get bigger.

To meet that demand, cannabis purveyors need to continue to innovate in order to produce their products in a seamless and consistent way. Automation from UL508A industrial control panels in Denver is leading that process and completely changing the way that cannabis is grown.

Automation Technology

Indoor grow cannabis facilities are continuing to perfect their growing environments as they add new plants and new strains to their offerings. When the ideal growing environment is discovered, this results in a major increase in yields day to day. By utilizing UL508A industrial control panels in Denver, these growers will be able to keep their crops growing at optimal levels and meeting the growing demand of an evolving consumer base.

Save Labor Costs

This type of technology doesn’t just increase the amount of production your greenhouse can produce. Greenhouse automation systems can help you significantly save on the cost of labor. Workers needed in as greater quantities do perform tasks such as monitoring air temperature, water temperature, pH levels and humidity. This will all be controlled by the automation process, freeing up your workers to focus on other elements of the business.

Conserve Energy

Once you understand the ideal conditions it takes your crops to grow, automating the process will save a great deal of energy. This not only helps reduce your energy costs each month but also has a major impact on the environment. You won’t need to waste excess energy on cooling a room that is already at the optimal temperature. Likewise, you won’t need to fiddle with humidity levels or water temperatures, because that entire process has already been automated.

Consistent Product

Your customers and clients have likely already come to expect a certain level of quality from your company. By automating the process, there won’t be any surprises in a shift in product quality or lapse in production. Instead, you and your customers can rest assured knowing that they are receiving the same reliable, consistent product that they are accustomed to.

With your staple products covered, you’ll also be able to expand into new product and innovations that will keep them looking forward to the next best thing that your company comes out with.