Whether operating a lid press machine in Denver or installing a panel system, safety is important. While these systems help simplify business operations and free up a worker’s time to focus on other tasks, they still require proper use in order to avoid injury. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind while working with this type of equipment.

  1. Make Sure Operators Are Trained

    Every worker that comes into contact with this machine should know exactly how to operate it. This includes operations, troubleshooting and safety precautions. An employee should never be allowed to operate something they’re not trained in, no matter how simple it might seem. This is an easy way to become injured while on the job, resulting in pain, lengthy paperwork and time lost.

  1. Don’t Interfere With Moving Parts

    Keep your hand, feet and other body parts free of any moving parts while in use. In addition, long hair should be secured with a tie and covered whenever possible. Avoid wearing trailing sleeves or anything that poses the risk of getting caught.

  1. Wear Proper Equipment

    Depending on the machinery that you’re operating, you want to make sure that both you and any workers operating the equipment have access to the proper safety wear. This might include a heavy apron, gloves, safety goggles, and closed-toe shoes.

  1. Eliminate Distractions

    It’s natural to want to have conversations with colleagues while at work. However, to reduce the risk of injury or unintentionally causing damage to a machine, keep distractions to a minimum during operation. This includes carrying on a conversation, trying to multi-task or doing anything else that takes your full attention away from the task at hand.

  1. Stay Clear of Area If Not Working

    In addition to distractions, it’s best to limit the number of people that are permitted to surround a piece of machinery at a time. This reduces the risk of injury by giving operators enough space to work and also cuts down on distractions that could result in injury.

  2. Keep First Aid Nearby

    In the instance that an accident happens and a worker becomes injured, keep supplies nearby so they can get help right away. While this shouldn’t substitute for medical attention, you should keep supplies such as bandages and rubbing alcohol nearby so they can tend to any wounds before they can get to a medical professional.