Many safety precautions and regulations come into play when ordering and installing UL508A industrial control panels for your property. With a great deal of electricity involved, you want to be assured that the UL508A panel shop you entrust the task with is certified to handle the job safely. While it’s tempting to go the DIY route and handle the job yourself, you’ll save yourself time, money and headaches down the road by going with a professional.  Here’s why.


First and foremost, safety is the main reason why you should only work with a certified UL508A panel shop. Control panels require a great deal of electrical work to install, and clipping the wrong wire can easily spell disaster. To keep your property safe from risks such as electrical fires (both during installation and when the system is in use) and yourself from electrocution, certification is crucial.

Meet Regulations

It’s not just your panel that needs to meet a certain criterion before being able to be sold. When installing and wiring an industrial control panel, companies need to follow stringent regulations and requirements. This includes adhering to the national electric code, following environmental ratings, observing safety markings and making sure that all wiring and motors are properly protected.

Smooth Operations

It’s likely not just the installation that you want to go well when having one of these panels installed in your building. Having certified experts handle the job means that you can be assured there won’t be any functional issues once you’re relying on the system. You’ll have one less thing to think about knowing that all electrical wiring has been done correctly, installation was handled properly and your products are sound and secure. As a plus, you’ll have access to experts afterward in order to ask any troubleshooting questions.


A common mistake many DIYers make is believing they will save money by handling installation themselves. However, you’ll find it becomes costlier to handle a project that you’re not familiar with. Your building houses a complex electrical system, and one wrong move can easily result in costly damage that you’ll need to bring in an expert to fix.

In addition, if an inspector deems your installation unsound, you’ll need to shut down your business until the problem is rectified. You’ll lose money not just on a loss in revenue, but need to pay a professional to handle it quickly so you can get up and running again.