It took many years for industrial control panels to evolve but its business standard is finally here in the form of the UL508A. The innovation that happened from then until now wasn’t easy but the result leads to many advantages in your company’s day to day processes.

The major requirement in this system is that in 2005, the UL508A panel shop needed a short circuit rating. Unfortunately, this was what caused a setback to it then because even if this requirement makes sense, it was difficult to turn into reality. In order to these, certain costly measures were required such as destroying an expensive tool or having the need for special engineering processes. To adhere to this, they simplified the short circuit rating requirement and although it isn’t without flaws, it is found to be acceptable for now.

Since it arrived, here are the following business advantages that it came with:

1. Improve your company’s competency

With this, your company can be more competitive due to the major improvement in your production system. With better tools, you can offer your customers better products that come out in shorter periods of time. Your business can make full use of many types of automation machinery that will speed up the entire process by leagues. If the production took hours before, it is possible that it will only take a few minutes once this has been implemented.

2. Improve overall efficiency

Everything becomes more efficient with it. So, you will be able to finish your process in a fraction of the time than before. Therefore, the usual manpower can be diverted to other more important tasks. Most people think that automation will leave them jobless but this kind of efficiency will actually make their jobs easier. Additionally, it will give them more time to develop other skills.

3. Accepted everywhere

Since it is an industry standard, you can be sure that it is accepted everywhere. You can enjoy many benefits from this because this means you can deploy it wherever your production facility is located, be it in the United States or overseas. Additionally, this also means it won’t require more certifications since it is an industry standard.

4. Better training

This industry standard has lots of good practices shared with businesses. You can pick out the best practices suitable for your business and customize it accordingly to attain success. You can benefit from the many workshops they conduct so your manpower’s skills will be a level higher than before.

5. Overall safety

Of course, it is a goal for any business or production setup to maintain utmost safety. This industry standard makes sure that safety is practiced in every step of the way.