Ask those who are knowledgeable about challenges in modern industrial settings, and most would agree that industrial control panels sit at the top of the list of challenges. Why? As one expert noted, “Change can be hard. And in the case of industrial control panels, change also tends to come slowly.” This usually has to do with safety standards being checked and re-checked before becoming standardized, but it can also slow the process of creating panels that comply with these new standards. It is why anyone in need of industrial control panels will want to find a UL508A panel shop.

UL508A industrial control panels are the standard, and changes made to them around ten or twelve years ago are still posing challenges in the current era. It was back then that the standards were updated to require builders to include “a short circuit current rating on the control panel assembly.” This sounds basic and simple, but as that same expert cited above explains, UL offers at least two methods to identify or prove that required short circuit rating, “but most are not practical for control panel builders. A straight short circuit test… can destroy equipment and is expensive…[there is] a calculation method but it requires special engineering expertise and techniques that are not generally available to control panel builders.”

This is why access to UL508A industrial control panels from a Denver area shop are a great find, as one may already know if a shop or production process would benefit from them. After all, it alleviates a team from struggling to obtain the standard and puts it all in the hands of experts.

Who Benefits Are Available from a UL508A Panel Shop?

Anyone who deals with electrical inspectors benefits from access to UL508A industrial control panels. The UL mark on an industrial control panel is solid evidence of third party certification, and proves that any UL508A industrial control panels in a Denver shop or setting comply with all required safety standards. Whether that means the panel from the UL508A panel shop is part of a standardized setup, a custom built system, or a one of a kind system, the presence of the UL508A industrial control panels signifies quality and that it meets any requirement.

The appearance of properly labeled UL508A industrial control panels in a Denver shop can also mean that existing panels have been brought up to date where their UL safety standards are concerned.

Ground-Up Control Systems

Of course, access to a UL508A panel shop is a great find for any business that needs to be able to design a comprehensive industrial or commercial, electrical control system. These panels enable automation and efficiency, and as we have noted in other articles, the use of UL508A industrial control panels ensures that a company is optimizing its use of any resources, including human labor as well as supplies. 

Yet, making UL508A industrial control panels for a Denver area business is typically a precision process and remarkably time consuming. From designing everything to actually producing it (laying it out, fabricating, wiring and equipping) is laborious and full of potential mistakes. Access to a properly equipped UL508A panel shop, ends all of the struggles. 

A top UL508A panel shop specializes in the production of UL508A industrial control panels. Clients will be able to custom order enclosed or open control panels. The team does full design with the support of AutoCAD software that meet any needs. Whether one is in need of very specific processes and/or sequential events, the team is able to design and create a full, automated solution. The UL508A industrial control panels for a Denver area facility are suited to a surprising range of industries because of the customization options available.

For example, there are UL508A industrial control panel solutions for oil and gas pipeline controls, industrial machinery process controls, solar power systems, fountain controls, and much more.

The Process

In the best UL508A panel shops, every client is treated as a unique individual, and a specific set of steps is followed to ensure optimal results. For example, an industrial control panel client is going to require an array of power circuits, voltage control circuits and signaling that directs the function of any number of machines or systems. A top panel shop team begins by looking at the client’s overall system needs and the processes involved, designing panels that meet all safety and regulatory requirements.

After that, drawings are made to layout the wiring, controls, circuits, components and other elements of the panel. This serves as the basis for design and ensures that electrical and physical requirements are met for open and enclosed industrial control panels. The drawings will incorporate elements such as control cabinetry and/or back panel design, power and control power distribution, input/output diagrams and even a BOM or bill of materials.

All steps are heavily documented to ensure that client specs and requirements take center stage and that local and industry standards or codes are always met. 

However, one way in which the best panel shops stand apart is that they always emphasize the safety of the employees and operators. They integrate safeguarding into the design process, too, and perform a full safety audit on every design. The goal is to have everyone know the hazards of any machinery or gear, and how to optimize user safety. Offering hardware and electronic safeguards is another benefit.

Getting StartedIt is fair and accurate to say that no two industrial control panel solutions are exactly the same, and this is true of all industries or purposes. It pays to have access to a shop that can meet the kinds of standards and requirements vital to basic safety as well as difficult-to-meet standards, like the UL508A standards. When one wants to make the very most of a custom designed UL508A control panel process, the teams at top UL508A panel shops are ready to review one’s needs and get started on optimizing processes.