To guarantee the proper usage of an industrial control panel, regardless of the situation, it is important that the applications and the practical limitations of UL508A industrial control panels are understood. Here we’ll define what an industrial control panel is, and look at typical uses, and where one may obtain high quality industrial control panels.

What is an Industrial Control Panel?

An industrial control panel has been defined by the National Electrical Code as:

“An assembly of a systematic and standard arrangement of two or more components such as motor controllers; overload relays; fused disconnect switches; and circuit breakers and related control devices including pushbutton stations, selector switches, timers, switches, and control relays, with associated wiring, terminal blocks, pilot lights and similar components.”

The electrical ratings and the installation instructions are typically found on the panel so that the installer can do the work and stay in accordance with the National Electrical Code.

What is an Industrial Control Panel Used for?

UL508A industrial control panel shops can serve the following Denver industries by creating appropriate panels:

●  Industrial Machinery Process Control Panels

●  VFD Drive Control Panels and Systems

●  PLC Control Panels Design and Programming

●  Industrial Process Control Panels

●  Fountain Controls

●  Marijuana Industrial Control Panels

●  Oil and Gas Pipeline Control Systems

●  Water and Wastewater

●  Solar Power Generation

●  Machine Safety

●  Prefabricated UL508A Listed Control Panels

In addition to those listed above, industrial panels can be created to control specific equipment; including cranes, refrigeration units, heaters, pumps, motors, and more.


A UL508A panel shop can custom build UL508A industrial control panels. Denver companies can request panels for various applications including access control systems, motor control system, HVAC systems, packaged pumping systems, and factory automation equipment.

Open or Enclosed Control Panels

An industrial panel can be either open or enclosed. An enclosed panel is made of the enclosure, the components that reside in the enclosure, and the components that are wall-mounted within the enclosure. The entire control panel must be able to function properly within the conditions that apply; such as the voltage range, current, and overloading conditions.

An open control panel has internal wiring, field wiring terminals, and the components that are mounted to the subpanel. Installing an open panel does require additional factors. It is important that the installer follows the manufacturer instructions and verifies the mechanical strength of the enclosure. The wire-bending and conductor termination space should not be encroached upon, and there must be safeguards in place to prevent contact with persons that may be near the open control panel.

An industrial building will need either open control panels or enclosed control panels to complete the functions required of its industry. Choosing between the two is generally up to the owner of the building, however, the type of manufacturing or services to be performed within the building may have some bearing on whether open or closed control panels are chosen. 

Electrical Control Panel Design Capabilities

The UL508A panel shop can design electrical control panels that meet various specifications and needs. These capabilities include:

●  UL508A Enclosed or Open Control Panel Shop

●  Complete Electrical Design/Schematic Design using AutoCAD Electrical Software

●  Engineer, Design, Fabricate a Complete Solution Based on Your Specifications/Process/Sequence of Events

●  Panel Layout Design and UL/ULC Custom Panel Fabrication

●  All Components are Investigated for UL508A Compliance and Are Suitable for Intended Use in the Specified Application and Environment

Experienced control panel designers use the highest-quality products to manufacture their control panels. What is considered the best in category products can be somewhat subjective due to product preferences by different designers, but companies well-versed in the process, compare and contrast products to ensure that their customers only get the very best. They attempt to choose the products that offer the best balance between function and form while also keeping price as a consideration. This ensures that customers get a high-quality UL508A panel that fits  in well with their budget. 

Smart Control Panels

With the addition of “smart” items within every home and business, there is a greater need for smart control panels than ever before. All of these “smart” appliances are already creating great amounts of data, and they are doing so at a very high rate of speed. Smart control panels are needed in order to collect all the data that is being created and store it. Plus, the smart control panels manage all the sensors that are needed to efficiently run the “smart” appliances.

In fact, control panels have become a very critical part of this “smart” industry, just as industrial panels are a key part of other industries. Control panels play a part in packaging the food everyone eats, keeping the oil and gas flowing safely through the pipelines, and even measuring the proper amount of medications for mixing the drugs inside pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Full Range of UL508A Industrial Control Panels

Local businesses looking for a full range of UL508A panels will want to work with the leading the UL508A panel shop in Denver. This shop has been a leader in the industry for more than 16 years. As a custom builder of electrical UL508A industrial panels, both open and closed, it has been servicing many industries in the Denver area.

The highly skilled technicians at this UL508A panel shop are certified to build UL508A control panels, and they also have a wide range of industry expertise. They use state-of-the-art tools in order to design, fabricate, and assemble the needed UL508A industrial control panels. Denver businesses will find that this shop’s technicians can also assemble and wire complex electrical panels and pneumatic control panels. The standards are always incredibly high when their technicians are on the job.

No matter what type of commercial electrical control system package is needed, Denver’s best UL508A panel shop can work within the needed design specifications to deliver a package that is tailor-made for the requirements of the company. Plus, they can provide build-to-print control panel assembly as well as electrical wiring services.