In order to improve customer relationships, most businesses are looking for ways to provide the products and the services that their customers need and want. However, in order to protect profits, a company must find ways to provide these services while also remaining competitive. It is often difficult to find the balance, and a company may find many impediments, such as lack of space or manpower.

For those businesses that find themselves in this type of predicament, it may be time to invest in some new equipment. Depending on one’s business needs, there are different types of machinery that can help improve the production aspect, without requiring a huge investment in manpower or extra space. One such piece of equipment is the lid press machine. Denver business owners in varying industries may find that a lid press machine is exactly what is needed to improve customer relations. 

What is a Lid Press Machine?

While some local companies are known for creating high-quality enclosed industrial panels, Denver businesses may also find that  some of these same companies are also suppliers of high-quality lid press machines. These machines are designed to replace the need for manually hammering on lids. Lid press machines range in size and style. 

There are several popular configurations of lid presses, these versions include:

  • Small Table Top Lid Press
  • 5 Gallon Table Top Lid Press
  • 5 Gallon Stand Up Lid Press
  • 6 Gallon Table Top Lid Press
  • 5 or 6 Gallon Stand Up Lid Presses with Crimpers
  • Custom Lid Presses

There are many industries where these lid presses can be of great assistance to the everyday workflow. Several of these industries have been mapped out below. 


One of the first industries to come to mind when a person considers pails or buckets with lids is the paint industry. Any company that produces paint, either for residential or commercial use, can streamline their process by adding a lid press machine to their equipment inventory. The employees that are preparing the paint cans for sale can be sure that the buckets and pails are properly closed and sealed in a secure manner. 

Having a paint can that is properly sealed ensures that the product gets to the customer in optimal form and isn’t dried out. Having buckets and cans that are properly sealed will also prevent accidental spills which can be quite expensive, as well as create a huge mess. These savings will be visible in the budget over time. 

Oil or Gas

Those companies that are in the crude oil or gas industry can also benefit from a lid press machine. The custom options for the lid press can be used to create the exact size needed by the business, including presses that can suit a large oil drum. Whether these drums are made of steel or plastic, a lid press can be used to make sure the products are properly secured. 

A proper lid press machine can replace the hand-operated drum capseal crimping tool that is often used to close these types of barrels. Switching from a hand-operated tool to a lid press machine can increase productivity, which can, in turn, increase profits. Whether the company ships its crude oil in the standard 55-gallon drums, or the smaller “whiskey barrel” size of 42-gallons, there is a lid press machine that can be created to suit the barrels being used. 

Commercial Cleaning Products

Companies that produce commercial cleaning products can also benefit from a lid press machine. Denver cleaning product companies may be creating floor care chemicals, sanitary maintenance chemicals, or disinfectants which will require the use of 5-gallon buckets or perhaps even the larger sizes of 30 to 55 gallons. These chemicals should be properly enclosed with a lid press machine because closing them manually may not be efficient or as secure. 

Oftentimes, these types of cleaning materials contain ingredients that can be toxic if splashed on the skin or eyes. Plus, the fumes from some cleaning products can be dangerous as well. Having a spill of these types of liquids within a warehouse or even a delivery truck, could be detrimental to the health of the employees or the customers who are eventually buying the product; not to mention the fact that a spill could be quite costly for the company. It is more efficient and safer to use a lid press machine that will keep the contents of the buckets secure until they are ready to be used. 

Canned Foods

The canned food industry supplies customers with nutritious food items that are safe and affordable. The process of canning fruits, vegetables, and meats allows them to be shelf-stable for a longer period than they would be if kept fresh. However, if the canning process is not completed correctly and the cans properly sealed, it can lead to devastating consequences for the people consuming the food products and the company that is producing them. A lid press machine ensures that the canning process is completed in a safe and efficient manner, which protects the customers from eating contaminated food. It also protects the business owner from having to do costly recalls or facing the threat of litigation. 

Screen-printing Printing Inks

For those area businesses that are in the industry of producing screen-printing ink, having a lid press machine can be very helpful. While the ink does clean up quite easily, a spill can still cost the company quite a lot especially when you factor in that even a smaller bucket of screen-printing ink can retail for $80-$100. A spill means profits being literally washed down the drain. It is best practice to protect profits with the proper machinery that will keep the ink safe and secure. 


With the legalization of cannabis, there are more and more companies selling bulk products. As the industry continues to grow, lid press machines become even more necessary, as they keep the product fresh and secure until it can reach its final destination. 

Exploring Lid Press Machine Options

No matter a company’s lid closure needs, a reliable lid press machine supplier can be vital to success. A call to such a supplier can uncover the ideal lid press machine for one’s application. Denver businesses will find US DOT compliant, top-rated lid press machinery when choosing carefully and checking machine retailers’ testimonials and references.