The industry standard in Denver for controlling devices within a business is the UL508A industrial control panel. The reason they are so important to many industries within the city and beyond is because they are so easy to customize. The UL508A industrial control panel allows Denver businesses to do things like control their HVAC system. They also play an important role in computer networking systems for many businesses.

UL508A Industrial Control Panels 

Denver businesses almost always use one of three types of UL508A industrial control panels. All of these contain at least two electrical circuits, and they also have some sort of control system inside the panel. Yet, there are differences between the types which are outlined below:

  • Open Industrial Control Panel: This type of panel system has all of the components out in the open where they are easily accessed. Sometimes there may be partial enclosures to protect more delicate elements, but the majority of the wires, switches, and components are not. The main reason for using an open panel is when there are too many components to fit in a single enclosure. 
  • Industrial Control Panel Enclosure: This type of panel meets the guidelines that are set by the NEC, and they are generally found in businesses that require control over large and heavy pieces of machinery. 
  • Enclosed Industrial Control Panel: All of the components, wires, and circuitry are inside a protective enclosure in this type of panel. They are generally installed on a wall for easy access, and all sides of the panel are fully closed, with the wall forming the back of the enclosure, in many cases.

Important Things to Know About UL508A Industrial Control Panels

A UL508A Industrial control panel that is used in a Denver business may have many essential pieces, including electrical circuitry, auxiliary tools, a disconnect system, switches, and motor controllers. All of these pieces can be quite delicate, and it is important that they are protected which is why many business owners will opt for an enclosed UL508A industrial control panel. Having an enclosed system is really a safer option in many cases.

In companies that make use of heavy equipment, there is always the risk of an industrial accident. However, when a centrally located UL508A industrial panel is installed, the disconnect system can be accessed in a matter of moments. This can be a life-saving measure, and major incidents can be easily avoided.

Another good reason to install industrial panels is that it can improve the workflow of a company’s employees. All the needed switches and components that keep the shop and machines running will all be located in one easy to find and use location: the UL508A industrial control panel.

Choosing a Certified UL508A Panel Shop

Deciding to improve safety and workflow within a business is a noble goal, but to ensure that a panel will meet the required regulations, it is imperative that the business works with a certified UL508A panel shop. This type of job is not meant for the DIY crowd or the jack-of-all-trades technician. 

There are four main reasons why it is necessary to choose a certified UL508A panel shop:

  1. Cost Efficiency: While it may be tempting to think that a DIY project will be cheaper, in the long run, this is never the case. One mistake in a building’s electrical system or HVAC system, and the company is looking at extensive and costly damage that will need to be repaired.
  2. Meets Regulations: There is specific criterion that must be adhered to when a UL508A panel shop is installing control panels. A non-certified technician may not be up to date on all the required national electric codes or the specific environmental ratings.
  3. Safety: Using a UL508A panel shop that is certified is always the safest option for everyone involved. A technician that starts clipping wires without fully understanding the process can end up with an electrical fire or even run the risk of electrocution.
  4. Operations: The main reason for installing an industrial panel is to improve operations, but choosing to use someone other than a certified UL508A panel shop can mean functional issues. A poor installation can shut down a business, or actually make things worse than they were before installation. 

Industries That Can Benefit from UL508a Industrial Control Panels in Denver

Industrial panels are much more common than many people think, and they are found in a wide array of industries and sectors of business. UL508A industrial control panels can be found in the following Denver industries:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Water
  • Waste Water
  • Solar
  • Marijuana
  • Food Processing
  • Plastic Extrusion
  • Data Acquisitions

Industrial control panels can also be found in fountains, VFD drive systems, PLC programming, and in industrial machinery. 

Key Advantages of Using UL508A Panels

When investing in UL508A industrial control panels, Denver businesses make themselves more competent. The streamlining provided by the panels allows for products to come off the line in a shorter period which means happier customers. It can also help improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process by making jobs automated or simply easier for the employees.

UL508A panels are the industry standard. This is important because it means that they can be installed wherever the production facility happens to be. They can be installed all over the U.S. and in most other countries around the globe. 

Having UL508A industrial control panels also allows for an increase in the safety of the company. Plus, they make it easier to train new employees: there are industry workshops available to improve training on usage even further. 

Industrial Control Panels: Dependability and Innovation

Business owners all over Denver and beyond are beginning to recognize just what a boon the UL508A industrial control panel can be to their business. There are so many advantages, and the panels are appropriate across so many industries. When a company opts for a certified panel shop, they can be sure they are getting all of the advertised advantages of industrial panel installation.