Many companies could benefit from the use of a high-quality lid press machine. Companies making and selling food, commercial paint, commercial cleaning products, and similar products want to be sure that their goods are safe and secure. Utilizing high-quality buckets helps with this, but they also need to have lids placed on them that are tight and closed properly.

With a proper lid press machine, it becomes possible for many companies to be more efficient and effective. However, before choosing one of these machines, it is essential to have an idea of some of the different types and to have a better understanding of their capabilities. This will make it easier to choose the option that is right for the company’s needs. Below is information on a few different types of lid press machines.

Small Pail Table Top Lid Press

Some companies still have employees manually hammering on lids, which is slow and inefficient. There is also the potential for this to be unsafe, and for the lid to not be applied correctly. Instead of applying lids manually, using a small pail table top lid press machine from one of the manufacturers in Denver can make the task faster and easier.

This press will be able to produce up to 800 lbs. of vertical force, which will quickly and easily apply the lid. The machine features high-quality welded construction, a 14” wide work surface, and a powder coat baked-on finish. The machine is adjustable and can work for pails that are between 2” and 11” high and with a diameter from 3” to 12”.

The press is simple to use, and it does not require any electricity. It could be a good option for many types of manufacturers, as it can make the process of getting lids on and the buckets out the door to customers much faster.

5-Gallon Bucket Table Top Lid Press

Another option for those who might need a somewhat larger press is this machine. It is capable of providing more than 3,400 lbs. of vertical force when applying lids. The use of the machine is far faster than trying to apply the lids by hand for buckets of this size. With this particular machine, the operator will have to place the buckets under the press head. Other machines, detailed below, feature an automated system of moving the buckets along, which could be a good option for some larger companies, who need a lid press machine that can handle lid application to hundreds or thousands of containers.

With this machine, as with the one mentioned above, no electricity is required. The press will be able to work with buckets from one-gallon up to five gallons. Also, the buckets can be either round or square.

5-Gallon Automatic Lid Press

Some companies may need to add a substantial number of lids in a relatively short time. In those cases, they may want to choose an automatic lid press machine. This option will be able to capture and position the buckets automatically, and then press the lid onto the bucket using more than 3,400 lbs. of vertical force. Once the lid has been applied, the bucket will be released and the next bucket is brought in and lidded. The machine can provide a continuous flow of lidding, which results in a highly efficient practice.

The system will work with buckets that are either square or round and that are from one gallon up to six gallons. The system uses 120 V AC Power, and it has simple to use controls. The machine will be able to process up to six buckets per minute, which is far more than a single person could do on their own.

6-Gallon Can Adjustable Table Top Lid Press with Crimper

Manually crimping lids takes time and energy, but this lid press machine will make it fast and easy. This machine will not require any electricity, and it can be operated with round or square buckets or steel cans from one gallon to six gallons. This is a high-quality hydraulic machine that does not require any electricity. It is the fast way of crimping cans, while also being able to pull double-duty as a lid press machine.

The above are just some of the options that can be found when choosing to work with a high-quality lid press company. 

Getting a Custom Lid Press Machine in Denver

While there are many lid press machine options already built that could work well for various companies, it is also possible to have a custom machine instead. For those who may have specific needs or specifications that must be met, choosing a custom option tends to be a better choice. Those who need a custom lid press machine are encouraged to get in touch with Denver manufacturers to learn more about the options available.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Lid Press Machine 

When choosing a machine, buyers will find that they need to know what they require the machine to do. How many buckets will they need to have lidded on any given day? How much space do they have available for the machine? Some of the machines are quite large. Do they need a machine that can operate manually, or do they prefer an automatic machine? Knowing the answers to these questions, or at least thinking about them now, makes it easier to narrow the choices.

Whether there is a need for a lid press machine or an enclosed industrial control panel in Denver, buyers should always make sure they are working with the best manufacturers in the business. Business owners should take the time to consider the volume of buckets that they will have going through their facility regularly, as well as their size, and outfit the business with the right machines. From options that are ready to go, to custom machines, the goal is to find a company that can provide exactly what is needed.