A range of different industries create products that are then put into cans or buckets for storage and transportation. Food, paint, chemicals, cleaning products, and more can be stored and transported using buckets. Through the use of durable, quality buckets, it becomes possible to keep the items inside safe and to eliminate the risk of spillage. However, the lids need to be placed firmly and securely onto the tops of those buckets after they have been filled. The use of a lid press machine can help immensely.

In the past, it was quite common for the lids on buckets to be placed and affixed manually. Many companies today continue to use this method even though it is highly inefficient compared to other methods. When the company has people who have to manually apply the lids and make sure they are properly shut, it slows the manufacturing and shipping process down more than some might imagine. If they have never looked at any of the alternatives, they might not even realize how much time is being wasted.

Fortunately, it is possible to find and use a lid press machine in Denver that could help to speed up the process in a range of ways. The use of pressing machines and automated pressing machines will eliminate the need to hammer lids onto buckets and it will allow for more productivity. It is important for business owners to find the right machine for their workplace. Many options and accessories are available, some of which are detailed below.

5-Gallon Bucket Table Top Lid Press, Stainless

The stainless steel lid press machine is capable of generating more than 3,400 lbs. of vertical force to quickly and easily press a lid onto a bucket. The bucket will need to be placed under the press head manually, and the lid press is dependent on an operator to function. It is adjustable from one to five-gallon buckets and features durable stainless steel. It has 80 PSI clean and dry air and does not require any electricity to function.

5-Gallon Automatic Lid Presses

While a manual lid press machine can help to save time when compared with the old method of hammering a lid in place, some companies want to go automated. Choosing an automatic lid press can be the ideal option. There are machines that can utilize an adapter, as seen below, to work with multiple size buckets. In addition, the machine is cable to provide the same 3,400 lbs. of vertical force as the previous lid press. It offers 80 PSI clean and dry air and uses 120 V AC power 15 amps. The machine is 60” long, 80” high, and 36” deep.

Customers Can Add Roller Tables for More Efficiency

To help improve the efficiency and the workflow further, customers can find a range of roller conveyors. These will allow the buckets to move through the process faster and it could eliminate some of the lifting and maneuvering that would otherwise be involved. They will come with conveyor end stops, so the buckets do not fall off the ends. The conveyors are available for stand-up presses and for tabletop presses. The rollers are highly durable and 5’ and 10’ lengths are available.

These conveyors are on lockable casters, which makes them easy to move around to where they are needed. Several could be set up together for those who may need more space. They are 15” deep and have working surface heights from 20” to 30”.

Customers Can Add More Flexibility with a Bucket Adapter 

Because there are many companies that have more than one size bucket that will need lids, there is the bucket adapter. These are used to allow a lid press machine to transition to work on different sized buckets. There are standard options available for the machine, but customers can also request custom sizes if they have specific needs. The adapter installation and removal processes are fast and easy, and it is simple to use once attached. This can help to provide more functionality to the machines.

Most Important Considerations for Buying a Lid Press Machine

Those companies interested in adding one or more lid press machines to their facility will want to make sure they choose wisely. They need to consider a range of factors before they settle on one of the machines and determine what accessories might be needed, such as the adapters.

One of the first considerations customers need to think about will be the size of the machine. They should know how large the machine is and where it will end up going into their facility. This will help them to determine the number of conveyors they may need. Buyers will also want to think about the power needed for the machines. Will the lid press machine require electricity or not?

Buyers need to know the number of buckets that they will likely need to have lids added to each day to ensure they have the right machine. In the case of larger companies, it could be beneficial to have several lid press machines that can be operational at the same time. This ensures there is no blockage in the workflow. Finding the right machine helps improve efficiency.

Business Owners Can Bring More Technology to Their Company for More Efficiency

The addition of a lid press machine, or several of these machines, can help to improve the speed and efficiency of many companies. In addition to improving the workflow with these machines, there are other technological options that could help companies as well. One of the top choices is an enclosed industrial control panel. Denver companies will find a range of options that can help them in many areas of their facility.

Regardless of what type of products are brought into the business, it is essential that companies research and vet them first. This can help to ensure better overall quality, durability, and effectiveness of the machines.