It’s a complex process to wire industrial control panels. It requires carefully performed and planned details. This blog is full of tips that will help you tackle the process. Here’s what you need to know about industrial control panel wiring.

Mark and Identify the Terminal and Terminal Blocks

Marking and identifying the terminal and terminal blocks will ensure they correspond with the markings in the drawings. The cable markers and identification tags should be legible so others know what they are without question. The marking should also align with the instructions, machine drawings, or service documentation. Use permanent ink that’s suitable for the panel environment.

Cable Run and Conductor Tips

Adequately support multicore terminations to avoid unwanted strain on conductor terminations. Run cables and conductors from terminal to terminal with no intervening joins. Do this by creating a joint in the middle cable or wire. You may have to use a terminal block or a suitable connector. Avoid using a soldered and twisted joint. To avoid undue loop resistance, route the protective conductor as far away as possible from the associated live conductors.

General Wiring Tips

Most connecting blocks will only take up to two conductors. It’s important not to force in any more than that. Ensure you connect additional terminals with a link laid in the cable trucking. This tip will allow you to gain a further connection point.

Terminate screened or shielded conductors in a way that doesn’t fray the screen. If you don’t need to connect the screen, trim it back far and cover it with a sleeve. If you do need to join it, attach it in the same way as the coaxial cable, with a pigtail and a soldered sleeve.

External and internal wiring should never cross terminals. Ensure you mount and wire the terminal blocks to keep this from happening. Install cables and flexible conduits to allow the liquids to drain away from terminations and fittings.

And that’s what you should know about industrial control panel wiring. Whether you need this knowledge daily or not, understanding ICPs will help when working with them. Trust Xpect Solutions if you need a reliable control panel manufacturer. Our quality products will ensure you continue shopping with us.