Machine nameplates have served a purpose for decades. Safety teams have added updates to ensure specific information is on the plate for quick access. Nameplates are a requirement for machinery used in medical, consumer, industrial, and high-tech industries. What do these requirements look like? Continue reading to read about the UL508A control panel nameplate requirements explained.

What’s Required on a Nameplate?

There are specific items that must be on a UL508A nameplate. All industrial control panels must contain a nameplate by law. Each one must include the following information:

  • Manufacturer’s name
  • Field wiring diagram number
  • Short circuit current rating (SCCR)
  • Factory identification (if needed)
  • Complete electrical rating for every input: frequency, voltage, phase, total full load amps (FLA), largest motor FLA
  • Section 19 enclosure environmental type rating requirement

Additional Required Markings and Labels

The above are the minimum requirements for every UL508A industrial control panel. However, they’re not the only labels and markings you’ll discover on one. Fuse table labels help maintenance keep the circuitry and control panel in optimum condition. All of the grounding locations should have proper identification and labeling.

All UL508A panels will have device labels for devices that require repair or maintenance. Electricians will affix the labels to the permanent structure, such as a back panel, so the labeling stays until someone replaces the machine. The electrical shock warning labels should display the present voltage levels. The panel should include cautionary markings, like “hot surface, don’t touch,” in the design.

Proper Labeling Makes Sense

Good documentation is essential for employee and facility safety. Information can get ignored if others don’t understand how it works. The documentation provided should help employees understand the required steps and precautions.

UL industrial control panels will always have proper and adequate labels and documentation. The UL certification team requires this labeling because they understand the importance of making this mandatory for builders and designers.

When you need an industrial control panel in your facility, use a company that installs UL-certified products. Xpect Solutions are electrical control panel builders with UL certification. We’ll install your panel correctly and meet all the labeling requirements.

Understanding the importance of control panel nameplate requirements will help you set everything up correctly. It’s best to use an experienced manufacturer, like Xpect Solutions, to install the panel right.