You can’t choose a UL508A control panel shop with a quick Google search. It takes time and effort to figure out if the shop has the qualifications your facility requires. Plus, you’ll want your industrial control panel to last and not plague you with issues. Read these things to look for when choosing a UL508A control panel shop to make the search easier.

Operator and Control Interface

One of the most integral parts of a control panel is the control functionality. Experienced control panel designers will pick the right components and devices based on your facility’s needs. Since these systems require an operator interface to utilize the controls, the expert will design a panel with push buttons, a human-machine interface, switches, or digital meters that require human interaction with the system.

The Correct Environmental Rating and Sizing of Control Panel

Will your control panel sit outside in harsh outdoor conditions? You need a skilled control panel designer who understands the environmental conditions the board will face. They’ll select the best size and type for the application.

The control panel shop should design an enclosure that can handle extreme temperatures with adequate heating and cooling. The controlled temperature will keep the electrical components inside the panel operating efficiently.

Expectations for a Premier UL508A Panel Shop

A certified UL508A control panel shop will offer only premier industrial control panels. You can expect the service providers to uphold safety standards and follow the necessary installation and wiring requirements—no shortcuts for these shops! Along with those standards, an experienced shop will adhere to all the national codes in the following ways:

  • Wiring
  • Environmental ratings
  • Motor protection
  • Safety markings

These guidelines are incredibly important to follow, and choosing an electrical panel shop that’s UL508A certified guarantees they will adhere to them. You can have a properly functioning industrial control panel for your facility with the correct design and load management.

A Cost-Effective Option

You may worry that utilizing a certified UL508A panel shop is more expensive. Keep in mind that working with a reliable manufacturer is more cost-effective than opting for something with a lower price point.

You could have customer service issues, the panel shop may not follow strict guidelines, you could be jeopardizing your team member’s safety, and the panel could have constant problems. All of these issues could lead to facility downtime and loss of profits. Choose a UL508A-certified shop to prevent this from happening.

Refer to this blog to remember what to look for when choosing a UL508A control panel shop. Turn to Xpect Solutions to get the job done right. We’ve been the premier control panel shop for years, and our highly skilled technicians will create the right industrial control panel for your facility.