Choosing between prefabricated models and custom-designed panels on industrial equipment is an important decision with significant long-term ramifications for a business. Let’s look at prefab vs. custom control panels and which is right for you.

Prefabricated Control Panels

Prefabricated control panels are both simpler and more cost-effective than their customized alternatives. They are built to comply with basic control requirements and are usually less flexible than custom designs. They use industry-standard designs and offer quick delivery times. As a result, they are ideal for businesses that require standardized models for basic applications, including lighting and motor operations. Further, prefabricated control panels are typically less expensive since they involve a standardized layout that does not require additional engineering or design features.

Custom-Designed Control Panels

On the other hand, custom-designed control panels are a more flexible and bespoke solution for businesses seeking system customization to suit specific requirements. These systems have been put in place to address the needs of companies with unique applications not satisfied by prefabricated solutions. 

Custom-designed control panels function similarly to prefabricated panels but offer additional features, including PLC integration, unique designs, specialized software programs, and remote monitoring capabilities. You can integrate them with various communication protocols depending on the system’s specifications and the requirements of the end-users.

So Which Is Right for You: Prefab or Custom?

The choice between selecting a prefabricated or customized control system entirely depends on the specific company or application’s requirements. For instance, if your company requires a standard design and reliable delivery time, prefabricated control systems would be an ideal choice for you. Conversely, a custom-designed control panel would better suit a business with specific requirements and needs custom features or software in the system. 

Furthermore, if a company’s operation is highly sensitive, complex, and mission-critical, opting for a customized control panel with niche specifications should be their primary choice.

When deciding between the two, it is vital to consider the system’s lifecycle cost. A custom-designed system’s initial cost may be higher than a prefabricated system. Still, you may realize the long-term financial benefits of lower energy and maintenance costs over time. Investing in a cost-effective, high-quality system may be better in the long term than adopting a cheaper solution at the beginning with expensive maintenance costs. When evaluating your requirements, consider the obligatory specifications and features, the technical resources required, and any specific customization requirements that you need to add. 

Choosing between prefabricated and custom-designed control panels is an important decision that requires careful consideration of the specific application and requirements. Prefabricated solutions generally work for smaller businesses with straightforward needs, while custom-designed control systems work well for larger companies with more complex requirements. Both solutions, however, provide the functionality required to manage essential industrial operations. 

If you need industrial control panels, Xpect Solutions offers both prefabricated and customized solutions to meet your unique business needs. Our expert team can guide you on which option is best for you and will work closely with you to design a solution that fits your specific requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help with your control panel needs.