Automation is transforming
the way greenhouse produce is grown.


UL508A Panel Shop – Greenhouse Control Panels

Knowledge and experience combined with an integrated, complete solution make Xpect Solutions the first choice for greenhouse production controls. Today, more greenhouse facilities are searching for new automation technology that will help increase their crop yields and annual sales numbers.

UL508A Industrial Control Panels for a Perfect Growing Environment

Industrial controls will allow you to keep the internal growing environment at optimal levels, increasing day-to-day yields.

Utilizing a greenhouse automation system can save labor and energy costs while achieving high-quality yields.

Whether you need full project integration or engineering design, our engineering team will see your automation project through with creativity, precision, dedication and most importantly, individual attention.

Contact us today for solutions that will help increase your crop yields and sales!

Greenhouse Machine Design

Are you working on the next BIG thing for the Greenhouse Industry?

Do you need mechanical or electrical design help to push that idea over the finish line?

Xpect Solutions Inc has been building custom-designed automation and electrical UL508A & CSA listed Enclosed and Open Industrial Control Panels for over 16 years.

We can work with you to design a complete industrial-grade machine, including the mechanical and electrical design, as well as program the system using a variety of control platforms tailored to your specific requirements.

Xpect Solutions Inc can also offer years of experience with highly skilled technicians and industry expertise using state-of-the-art tools to design, fabricate, assemble, and wire all levels of complex mechanical and electrical greenhouse machinery, including pneumatic control panels to the highest quality standards.

Contact us today for solutions that will help you get your machine to market!

Greenhouse Crop Packaging

Xpect Solutions offers an ever-expanding variety of Lid Press Closing machines for your packaging needs.

From individual child resistant pop top bottle presses for point-of-sale packaging to stainless steel bulk lid closers for larger distribution, look to Xpect for a Solution.

Contact us today for solutions that will help increase your packaging efficiency and increase your sales!

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