With your business up and running, staff in place, and revenue starting to come in, you may be thinking about investing in some quality equipment for your company.  If one of these things is a lid press machine, there are few things to keep in mind as you get ready to take the leap. Ask yourself these three things to help you make your choice.

What are you going to use it for?

Lid press machines come in several different sizes, offering several different enclosure options and being optimized for different products.  Knowing what you are going to use your lid press machine for is an important part of knowing which one you need, and what you need to consider within these parameters.  For example, some lid press machines have a crimping option, while others are press only. Most machines are designed for a specific size, but some are adjustable and can cater to different sizes.  Depending on your need and the product you are going to need to enclose, this will help you in deciding on these factors.

Where are you going to put it?

You can choose between table top lid press machines or stand-alone lid press machines.  You can have the option of adjustable height or fixed height and of course, they all come in different sizes.  Before you make plans to purchase your lid press machine in Denver, consider what the restrictions are on the space where you are going to place your machine. If it is on a table, do you have available space and height for it to be adjustable? If your space is particularly small, do you need to purchase a machine that will still allow you space for storage of product in the same area, or just for machine operation? Giving careful thought to where you are going to put your lid press machine will ensure you get one that will fit, work for the job, and not leave you with problems down the road.

What is your price point?

Depending on the size of your machine and what features you choose to have, there are varying price points for each machine.  Before you set your heart on a specific lid press machine, consider your budget and how much money you have to work with for your purchase.  Then consider how flexible you are in terms of spending more or in terms of negating some features in the interest of lowering your price point.  Keep in mind that quality is also a consideration and that higher quality machines will cost more up front, but will, in the end, have a longer life and likely pay off in the long-term more efficiently.

With these things in mind, and knowing the industry you are working in, it is time to sit down and weigh out the pros and cons and make your decision.  Remember: while buying a lid press machine may seem like an expensive investment now, it will pay big dividends in the end, and maybe just the thing you need, to take your business to the next level.