One of the most tedious jobs for factory workers or individuals who run a business is to have to hammer on the lids of each individual product manually. For anyone who has worked in an environment where they have to do this for product after product, they know just how monotonous and even energy consuming the job can be.

Purchasing these devices is a great decision that one can make to speed up their work and make their products faster and with less effort.

There are different machines for every type of product. Here are a few common options to choose from:

The Small Table Top

This is a small pail machine which has been crafted to ease the pain and hardship that comes with manually hammering in a factory setting.

This is a tabletop product for small pails but can generate 800 lbs of vertical force to push down appropriately. The best feature of this device is that it is very easy to move around. Having a portable product like this can be very handy, and it’s what a lot of manufacturers are looking for to make the product assembly more convenient.

Custom options can be placed and the closure cycle is caused by dual safety palm button triggers.

These devices do not require electricity to work and can be adjustable for a wide range of sizes (Adjustable for Pails 2” to 11” Tall and 3” to 12” Diameter).

The 6 Gallon Can TABLETOP Lid Press (With Crimper)

The 6 gallon can machine is another amazing pushing solution and it requires an operator to be there to manually adjust the cans under the press head. The operator also has to activate the closure cycle by pressing the dual palm buttons.

It can install lids on containers from 1 gallon up to 6 gallons and 1-gallon to 6-gallon steel cans.

No electricity is required and they are fully adjustable for 1-6 gallon cans.

5 Gallon Bucket Stand Up Adjustable Lid Press

If one is looking to reduce the cost of pressing lids but is still determined to keep the quality, then this stainless steel machine is their best bet. It is adjustable for 1-6 gallon buckets and can push down with 3400 lbs of vertical force to ensure that the lids are secured on as tightly as possible.

A lid press machine is a great way to speed up one’s product assembly while ensuring that the job gets done right every time. Instead of wasting money, energy, and time hammering, these devices can exert beyond human force to make sure every container is always securely sealed.