Every workplace has its safety hazards from the elevator in an office building to rotating blades at an electrician’s job, however, the equipment that is used in a workplace can influence the safety of everyone in a job no matter how mundane. There are certain pieces of equipment in a workplace that should always be up to date. Be sure to check these pieces of equipment next time you go to work.


An elevator is the most common piece of machinery that is encountered in most workplaces, most people encounter an elevator at least once a week if not once a day. Before getting into an elevator be sure to check the date of its last inspection as well as the maximum weight capacity. If the date on the elevator is past due or the math for the capacity doesn’t add up to the number of people in the car, get out and let the building manager know immediately. They should restrict access to the elevator until the inspection gets done, if it does not it could be a serious hazard in the workplace.

Control panel

In most workplaces, the control panel is not visible as it is likely in the basement or a secluded part of the office. There are some workplaces that have clear control panels that need to be kept up to date. The electrical work of the whole building is connected to a control panel and therefore emergencies can be stopped by using it. If it is not working correctly it is a hazard. A factory or warehouse will have a UL508A industrial control panel. These panels should be certified by a UL508A panel shop. If there is no certification on the panel or the electrical system seems to be not working. Stop working and inform your manager or foreman of the problem. If they ignore it refuse to work until it is fixed or checked out. you are legally entitled to deny work if it directly affects your safety.


The fridge might seem like a silly thing to be concerned about in an office, however, there are serious liabilities at play if something goes wrong with the refrigerator and the entire office becomes sick. Not only will this bring productivity to a standstill, but it will also bring about a potential lawsuit. The fridge in the office should be up to date and have a temperature gauge on it. The temperature in the fridge should also match the temperate gauge. The door should always seal the fridge so air doesn’t get out. If the fridge is not working properly inform you manager and stop using it. Only bring food that does not need to be refrigerated to avoid becoming sick and inform your coworkers to do the same.