In most workplaces, the control panel is not visible as it is likely in the basement or a secluded

part of the office, however, they need to be kept up to date. The electrical work of the whole building is connected to this device and therefore, emergencies can be stopped by using it. If it is not working correctly it is a hazard. A factory or warehouse will have UL508A industrial control panels.

These should be certified by a UL508A panel shop. Anyone in the industry can recognize this standard, but why is this certification important?

Third Party Approval – When this device is up to this standard, it is stamped with the approval of a third-party verification. This provides an unbiased eye on it to ensure all safety measures are met. This can be beneficial to protect the safety of the building owner, workers, and any visitors in the long-run.

Building Inspector passed – Before a building can be approved to start hosting anyone, it must be approved by a safety inspector. This person will come in and view every aspect of the building to ensure it is a safe environment for anyone who might enter the building. With this in mind, it is important to have every aspect of the building up-to-code. By having this certification, an inspector will not think twice about the safety of the building’s circuits. With this quick approval, the inspector can move on to other aspects of the building faster. This means your building can be approved for the entrance of people and workers sooner.

General Safety – in a world of lawsuits and injuries, building maintenance and safety should be of utmost importance to any owner. With this in mind, equipment with this certification should be a no-brainer. If it is not certified by the proper shop, there is an increased risk of malfunction and injury as a result. When any new equipment is installed, professional assistance is necessary to ensure safety. This is no exception. By receiving this certification, owners can be assured that this aspect of their building is at extremely low risk of malfunction, and therefore injury because of it is less likely.

Even after this is certified, it is important to monitor it regularly to ensure that it is not malfunctioning. If there is no certification it or the electrical system seems to be not working, stop working and inform your manager or foreman of the problem. If they ignore it, refuse to work until it is fixed or checked out. you are legally entitled to deny work if it directly affects your safety.