You bought a lid press machine! You’ll appreciate the advantages this equipment will provide for your business. Lid press machines ensure safety and improve efficiency no matter what container you’re closing. Here are a few tips to help you maintain and upgrade your lid press machine.

Adding Roller Tables Increases Efficiency

Lid press machines are incredibly beneficial for many industries, but adding roller tables can increase efficiency even more. This addition allows the buckets to flow through the process faster and eliminate the lifting and maneuvering involved in the packaging process.

Instead of the containers stopping at the end of the line or falling off the table, they move along without help. It’s a stable path that makes life easier for staff and can increase your business’s efficiency.

Focus on Safety and Maintenance

Maintenance will keep your lid press machine functioning effectively, so don’t allow it to fall by the wayside. Clean the lidding machine at the end of the day to keep the dust, dirt, and debris away. Regular cleaning can prevent long periods of downtime. This simple tip will prevent larger issues from arising prematurely.

Routine Inspections

Regular inspections should be part of your maintenance schedule to ensure the life span of your lid press machine. Inspections will ensure your equipment has the same accuracy and efficiency as the day you bought it.

Safety, Safety, Safety

Maintaining your lid press machine keeps your team members safe. You bought it for safety and efficiency. When the equipment diminishes, its safety dwindles. You risk your staff getting hurt because the lid press machine isn’t functioning properly.

The Bucket Adapter Adds Flexibility

Since many companies use different bucket sizes, the bucket adapter allows lid press machines to work with various sizes. Xpect Solutions understands that packaging efficiency matters and the adapter helps improve the flow. It’s easy to install and remove and incredibly simple to use. Improve the functionality of your machine with a bucket adapter.

Maintaining and upgrading your lid press machine will keep it functioning properly for its entire life span. If you still don’t have one, consider the benefits this equipment could provide your business.