Lid press machines offer incredible benefits for different industries. Many facilities require workers to manually close buckets with a mallet and pliers. However, a machine can eliminate the extra work, spills, and mistakes workers can make. The question is how automatic lid press machines work. Continue reading to understand these devices and the benefits they provide.

How They Work

The automatic lid press machines from Xpect Solutions will replace the manual labor of hammering lids on pails. Our five-gallon machine uses 3,400 pounds of vertical force to seal pails. After lid placement, the bucket moves along to processing. We designed this system for efficiency and flow.

The five-gallon device can handle more than one size bucket. It can also accommodate one-gallon and six-gallon round pails. Add features to make the machine even more efficient. We carry lid press adapters and in-and-out feed roller conveyors to keep products moving.

It’s important to know that other machines operate differently. Another machine rolls lids onto pails while they pass through a tunnel with a conveyor above and below. The conveyor belt speeds are equal to ensure discharge rates match.

Benefits of a Lid Press Machine

Lid press machines create a safer environment for your facility and employees. They eliminate the heavy lifting and labor-intensive process of sealing buckets. Human error happens, and these devices eliminate the chance of spills and improperly sealed pails. No more risking back pain or other injuries when you use a lid press machine!

These machines also help you control costs. They speed up the sealing and re-sealing process and allow your workers to focus on more important tasks. You’ll save money by reducing spills and production costs.

You’ll appreciate the assured speed and accuracy of a lid press machine. It will help you get more done without worrying about human error. Manual operations can’t guarantee a properly sealed container. Workers can try to operate faster, but that may lead to a disaster. A lid press machine ensures accuracy with continuous speed.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you understand how lid press machines work and the benefits they provide, you can search for a reputable supplier. Xpect Solutions offers high-quality pail lid closers to ensure your business runs smoothly. Your shop will meet a wide array of demands and complete budget-friendly projects with the addition of a lid press machine.